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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does PlayOn Table integrate into my existing Casino Management System?

    The truth is, it doesn't! PlayOn is a completely standalone product that makes integration into your casino very easy. The PlayOn solution utilizes its own Ethernet network that is completely separate from your current IT infrastructure. PlayOn provides its own firewalls, user authentication, and encryption which allows the PlayOn solution to be completely PCI Level 1 compliant. In addition, ACS provides all of the tools you need for audit, accounting, surveillance, count room and pit operations with the PlayOn Financial Management System software that can be accessed using any standard web browser.
  • Does PlayOn require a player tracking card?

    No. Since the player uses their own bank issued debit card, the PlayOn system allows anyone to access their funds whether they have your property's player's card or not. Additionally, PlayOn offers tools that lets you identify players that use the PlayOn system frequently, by number of transactions and amounts, so that you may market directly to those players.
  • Does it slow down my game?

    It actually increases hands per hour. Why? First, your dealers continue to deal hands while a player uses the PlayOn device. Once the hand is complete and it is time for buy-ins, the dealer treats the PlayOn voucher as a standard buy-in (proofing to the sky and counting cheques). Second, because the transaction involves no currency, the dealer does not need to spread and count individual notes. A large PlayOn transaction can be converted to cheques in seconds, whereas a large currency transaction may take minutes while Title 31 regulations are met.
  • What if the PlayOn handheld device is removed from the table?

    The PlayOn handheld device uses a secure dual encryption bluetooth connection only to the table that it is assigned to. Once the device is moved out of range (about 20 feet), the device is no longer able to communicate with the table and goes offline rendering it functionally useless. Due to PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements for PIN entry devices, the manufacturer has built in safeguards that if the device is tampered with in any manner, it essentially destroys itself by completely erasing its programming and no longer functions
  • What is the cost to the casino to install the table game system?

    There is no up front cost to install the PlayOn system. ACS provides all of the hardware and installs it in conjunction with your staff.
  • What if I prefer to buy the equipment?

    If you were to purchase the equipment, your casino would need to become PCI compliant and upgrade the equipment. When you lease the hardware, ACS maintains any upgrades and is responsible for the PCI requirements.
  • What training is supplied?

    ACS trains all front line employees, according to your schedule. We also believe in giving an overview to secondary employees, so when a guest asks a restaurant server or slot attendant about the new table game device, they can give a brief overview.
  • What kind of support is provided? If there is an issue with the system, who do we call?

    ACS - PlayOn has a 24 hour, 7 day a week call center to answer any and all questions. If the call center is unable to solve the issue, your call is immediately forwarded to the next level.

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